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We conduct marketability studies and development planning throughout the United States. During the past several years, the firm has been retained by nationally-known developers, REITs, lenders, joint-venture equity partners, and other real estate stakeholders to analyze the market potential of numerous properties nationwide. We utilize quantitative analyses, as well as a qualitative perspective, to ensure that the market can support the property.

The Weitzman Group, Inc. undertakes more than 100 marketability studies each year on properties located in nearly every major U.S. market. The firm has a long track record of consulting on large and small properties and development initiatives, in markets ranging from rural to urban. Each marketability study includes the following:

Property Analysis
We evaluate the physical characteristics of the property and its immediate environment in order to establish its competitive position in the local and regional market. We analyze those factors which will influence the marketability of each product type comprising the property or development to include: (1) the physical configuration of the site; (2) proximity to major destinations such as shopping, employment nodes, cultural facilities, public and private schools, etc; (3) the impact and compatibility of adjacent and nearby land uses; (4) community and neighborhood image; (5) the quality of public and private services; (6) potential views; (7) access to and modes of transportation (both public and private) and the impact of parking and infrastructure needs, and (8) visibility, among other important considerations. The objective is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the property so as to establish its competitive position in the market for the potential uses.

Economic and Demographic Analysis
We analyze the key economic and demographic variables that influence the demand for each property type component. This includes an analysis of population trends and projections, population age distribution, households, households by age of household head, income, and employment by industry group. We further analyze specific factors of economic development or population growth that are likely to affect marketability, such as the expansion of a local university, or the funding of a major transit initiative.

Critical to the success of any real estate investment is an understanding of the national economy and the metropolitan area employment base. Our studies evaluate the state of the current regional and national economy as it relates to the existing and future demand for each use comprising the property and in the surrounding area.

Concept / Development Program Evaluation and Use Recommendations
Based on our site and market analysis conclusions, as well as the client’s overall vision for the property, we: (1) determine the marketable development concept for the project’s various phases, or establish the existing property’s product marketability; and (2) establish the competitive position of the property in the region. Based on the market analyses, we provide the following findings, conclusions, and recommendations:

  • Establish the competitive position of the property;
  • If a mixed-use project, recommend specific product type offerings;
  • Recommend the optimal number of units or amount of leaseable space to be constructed, noting specific product type characteristics such as marketable unit or tenant space sizes;
  • If applicable, estimate the specific rental or sale price points that are likely to be achievable, given certain development phasing and absorption or stabilization assumptions, for each product type;
  • For all product types, estimate the length of time it will take to absorb all of the units, rooms or leaseable space;
  • Estimate each product type’s share of total market demand, indicating each component of the project’s ease of entry into the market;
  • Identify the various target markets for each product type recommended;
  • Estimate the optimal timing of the development process for the first phase of a project; and,
  • Identify and recommend the features and amenities that need to be incorporated into each recommended product type in order to ensure the success of the development program and to achieve the projected price points and rates of absorption.

We will also often offer substantial advice and commentary to convey the project’s unique competitive advantages to the market. Our marketability studies go well beyond industry-standard reporting, and include numerous value-added features related to product positioning, promotion, and the nuances of a property’s competitive market. This additional commentary provides our clients with a sophisticated level of analysis truly communicating the subjective factors contributing to the project’s likelihood of success.

Further detail related to our typical scopes of service for individual property types can be found by clicking on the following links:

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Sector-Wide Market Analysis
We are also capable of providing analyses of sector-wide market dynamics at a national, regional, or local level. Institutions often ask us to provide our outlook on a general market sector, given current and projected economic conditions. We are capable of providing professional market-based reporting and forecasting in support of broader strategic initiatives, portfolio management activities, or investor relations.

Ultimately, no two studies by The Weitzman Group are the same. Each report is customized to the client’s needs. Our research scope is always tailored to the specific circumstance of the real estate being evaluated. This is a hallmark of the professional, service-oriented quality of our work.

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