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Provided on-going appraisal and advisory service to a pension fund client with regard to a number...
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Our typical industrial market analysis will examine the key economic and market variables that influence the demand for industrial space at the project location. This will normally include:

  1. An assessment of the site or property as a viable location for industrial space (and its various market segments, if applicable).
  2. An overview of selected existing and recent industrial developments in the surrounding area and within this submarket by type, e.g., warehousing, light manufacturing, flex, etc.
  3. An evaluation of existing and proposed industrial development in the market with regard to market location, positioning, target segment, tenant profile and property characteristics such as:
    • Total net rentable area
    • Asking rental rates by type of uses
    • Vacancy rates
    • Source of demand and absorption history
    • Competitive position in the market area
  4. An analysis will be prepared of industrial space that is under construction and planned in order to better understand the state of equilibrium in the market.
  5. We will evaluate the depth of the market for industrial space at this location and whether there appears to be, or whether there is likely to be, sufficient market demand for the space.

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