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The Weitzman Group provides advisory services to developers, lenders, and investors in new projects throughout the United States and internationally. While we are capable of only providing a single component to the development planning process, such as a marketability study or financial feasibility analysis, we are also capable of consulting on the entire development process from start to finish. For developers less experienced with a particular product type or method of development, we can supplement the development team with our broad expertise and knowledge. For lenders or equity stakeholders, we are capable of providing professional oversight of all areas of new development throughout the process, from site selection through construction and promotion, to mitigate overall project risk.

Our team includes professionals with strong experience in architecture, development, project management, financing, development marketing and other skills necessary to ensure that a new project puts its best foot forward, mitigating risk at every step of the way. We are able to consult with our clients on employing best practices in all the activities necessary to develop a new project.

Our expertise includes the new development of rental and for-sale residential homes of all types, hotels and resorts, office buildings, retail developments, and mixed-use projects. Due to the volume of property we encounter, and on which we consult, we are also capable of working with clients on complex or special use properties that may have unique aspects to development. Further, the repositioning of a project or other value-added development activities are a specialty of the firm.

Perhaps the greatest value of our development advisory services is found in the capitalization process and the ongoing relationships with lenders and investors. Our role as an independent development consultant allows us to provide a layer of comfort and supervision to a project, enhancing the credibility of the development team and mitigating risk to other stakeholder positions. Our involvement in the development process provides for an additional check on the right course of action for a project. Often in a workout situation, after a deal has been restructured, we provide the necessary oversight to give comfort to investors or lenders that the risk to their positions are being mitigated.

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